Small Stories for Our Second: Week 33

Week 33

How have I only done a few of these posts and it is already week 33?! I will tell you how; having a 1-year-old and being pregnant is MUCH harder than I thought it would be.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not impossible, I can and do handle it, and I absolutely love having my girl with me this time around, but my goodness it is BUSY.

But this isn’t about mommy or Maddy, this is about you my sweet Ellie Jane.

I do believe that you dropped this weekend, mommy can feel more pressure down lower and her belly, though still quite large, has settled into a lower, more hidden position. Last week you were breech position, and I am thinking at our appointment tomorrow you will be head down and ready to rumble. Now for the worst part…the long wait.

I have been imagining what you will look like and how your personality will differ from your sisters, all I can imagine is the same sweet little girl we made the first time.

I pray that you and Madison will be close throughout your lives and that she will grow to protect you.

I know that your life may be full of comparisons to your older sister, and I am trying very hard to see you as an individual and not part of a pair already.

Here are my predictions for you, my sweet Ellie Bean:

You will be a quiet, thoughtful girl.

You will have dark hair and eyes.

You will be an introvert.

You will be incredibly smart.

You will need plenty of attention.

You will be the sweetest little girl in the world. 

I love you, dear girl, and I cannot wait to finally meet you and adjust to our life as a family of 4! ❤

The first photo is this week, the second is last. See how you dropped??




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