A Bathroom Greeting

‘Is that….is that blood?’

‘Would you like me to lie and make you feel better or tell you the truth?’

She couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing, Ryker’s words fading into the distance as she took stock of her gruesome surroundings.

She had just gotten ready in this bathroom this morning. It was clean. It was well-lived-in but clean. 

There was blood on the wall, splattered to the ceiling near the toilet. The old heating baseboards had blood clots stuck to them, the almost black gooey droplets slowly making their way down to the floor. 

The shower curtain had a hefty glob in the middle but had mostly been spared. The floor, which was strewn with what looked like soaked towels, looked to have been covered before, a faint brownish-red tint covering the tiles that were seen poking through. 

Ryker himself had the same tint to his rather pale skin, traces of hard scrubbing and fingernail scratching all along his arms. 

‘Is this normal, is this what I have to look forward to every day when I come home?’ she didn’t mean to sound so selfish or offensive, but she noticed by the look on his face that it certainly came out that way.

‘I’m sorry, you know that right?’ he said, grabbing her hand.

Loni seemed to understand, but at the same time, how could she ever fully comprehend this mess, with no full details.

Her patience was wearing thin, though her love for him was not. Ryker never told her why these things happened. She only saw the aftermath, both physically and mentally. 

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