Small Stories for Our Second: Brain Swabs and Hand-Me-Downs

Hello, kiddo!

We are halfway through week 29 and I feel updates are needed, my little love.

At our last appointment, we learned you are measuring out two weeks ahead, most likely meaning you are a big, strong, healthy baby. So far, all in all, this has been another easy pregnancy, with the same complaints of (WAY) too much morning sickness and cramping. I am starting to get into that uncomfortable waddle stage, as well.

We have chosen a name for you finally, my sweet Elizabeth Jane, and we look forward to seeing how your personality fits with your name. I chose Elizabeth to honor my great grandmother, your great-great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Barron – Sutton, who played quite a large role in raising me throughout my childhood. Jane was the chosen middle name from your father, who ultimately wanted Zoey Jane to be your name. I wanted Lilly Elizabeth, then we both liked the name Ellie Marie….so all together we decided your name will be Elizabeth Jane, Ellie for short.

I haven’t gotten to see you as much as I would like to, as with COVID this year appointments are reduced and testing is becoming more and more mandatory. Mommy had a classic summer cold for a few weeks after your sister got it, so I was tested for COVID to be safe. The test involves a large swab going up your nose to your brain it feels like, and now a face mask must be worn to each of your appointments, which makes breathing much harder than it already is with my diminished lung space (thank you, so much). Speaking of diminished lungs, I have reduced my horrible habit of smoking cancer sticks to 2 a day, which still is not good, but much better than before.

Lately, I have had some worries that I would like to share with you, and hopefully, none of these worries will have come to fruition when you are reading this. First of all, I am worried that your big sister will not adjust well to you entering our lives, Madison being quite used to being the center of attention in mommy and daddy’s life for the past…oh 14.5 months or so. I want her to love and cherish you and be very gentle with you, and I am afraid this is going to take some time, especially with her entering those ‘terrible twos’ already.

Another worry is that you won’t get enough of our love and attention and that we won’t find a happy balance between you two. Your dad and I joke that there isn’t enough room in our hearts to love another baby as much as Madison, which is, of course, not true at all, as you will certainly come to see. We don’t want to gyp you out of an attention-filled, loving first-year experience at all, and mommy already feels she is doing that by not having as many appointments, not posting about you constantly, and not writing these blogs for you consistently. Mommy is adjusting too, and I hope you are patient with me.

Lastly, but tying in with it all, I am worried that you will have too many ‘hand-me-down’ experiences. Let’s take your clothes, for instance…these will all be worn by your sister before you, as with your toys, your blankets, your bottles. Heck, we are even downgrading the baby shower experience we had for Maddy to a Diaper Party, not needing anything extravagant this time around. I am worried this is unfair to you but will last your entire life being so close in age to your sister. I don’t want you to live a life of hand-me-down experiences, so I am going to work my hardest to give you unique, first-hand, only-for-Elizabeth experiences.

I love you so much already, and your kicks, and your hiccups, and all your little habits coming out slowly.

We will meet you in about 11 short weeks, my love. Please always know that mom and dad love you SO MUCH.

Here is a photo of you and mommy at week 28 ❤ Snapchat-2110129066and one of me, you, and your sissy! ❤ ❤ FB_IMG_1593705190669


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