Small Stories for Our Second: The COVID Phase

Since COVID madness has hit the world I haven’t really been thinking of blogging or logging my thoughts about pregnancy or life in general, but it hit me today that this is exactly the time I need to be documenting my thoughts, the state of the world, and the stories I have to share with the girl, yes that is right, girl, in my belly during it all!

So here goes.


One fine, sunny Missouri morning your mom and dad decided we should get more serious about Coronavirus social distancing guidelines and read up on what we could find on pregnant women and COVID 19.

Here is what we found out: not much at all. 

This whole thing has happened so quickly that there aren’t many cases on pregnant women and newborns, not yet, at least.

You will be a COVID baby, meaning mommy and daddy will not have visitors at the hospital, your older sister will not come to meet you in the first few days, and hospital/doctor protocals will be all new and fresh.

This makes mommy very nervous, but you are doing perfectly fine in there, kiddo, and mom is doing perfectly fine out here.

Quarantine was amazing because, as you will learn quickly, mom is an introvert anyway and being home with no visitors and time to spend with you in my tummy and Maddy at my side was precious.

Mommy and daddy visited your grandparents over the weekend and everyone agrees, MOM IS HUGE this time around. As long as you are healthy, buttercup, all is well!

At 24 weeks you are kicking me quite a bit and seeming to roll around at night when mommy needs to sleep. Keep those kicks coming, though, mommy will miss this!

We love you very much, and we will see you in just a short…16 weeks my love!

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