Small Stories for Our Second

When I was pregnant with my first, Madison, I did a blog series called ‘Small Things for You to Know’. This series was mostly for myself, with small updates about the pregnancy and my thoughts to give to my child one day during the journey. I am currently working these posts into a print edition book to give to her on her first birthday, so I decided to keep the tradition going and do another series for our second child, little Peanut (name/sex unknown at this point).

So here goes, here is the first entry in Small Stories for our Second!


Once upon a time, mommy went to a big work conference a couple states away and felt a bit off the whole time. She missed her daughter (your big sister Madison) and husband (daddy) but also felt a little sick and grumpy. When mommy came home she thought she had caught the flu, feeling awful for a whole week! One day when mommy was driving to work she had a sudden craving for a McDonald’s hamburger with no cheese and no pickles and had a wild thought…maybe I am pregnant! So mommy went and bought a pregnancy test after the McDonalds worker informed her they do not sell hamburgers at 9 AM, and she took it as soon as she got to work. To her joyous shock, she was pregnant! It turns out mommy’s ‘flu’ was you, little bean!!!

Your father and I have felt a wide range of emotions since finding out about you, from shock to disbelief to overwhelming joy to concern, the concern only about our financial situation and Maddy’s young age.

Your big sister is doing new things every day (see below) and getting used to ‘no’ and not being the center of attention at the babysitter’s, so she should be well-prepared to meet you in September!

We are overall so excited to meet you and add another little love bug into our family! We don’t care whether you are a boy or girl, but momma has a feeling you are a girl due to similar morning sickness this time. We are buying a house this month to have our family happily settled upon your arrival. You will be our last child, your dad is getting snipped after you are born, so you should feel very special!

Here are our first glimpses of you, little tater tot!


Maddy Grace updates: (for us both to remember) Madison loves the theme song to Big Bang Theory and the classic baby jam Old MacDonald, she likes to jiggle and shake to them! She also is very proud of herself for learning to clap, she will drop whatever she is doing to show you. Clicking her tongue is a big one, too. She had a rough temper tantrum week at the beginning of 9 months, but is back to happy now, and is eating/trying EVERYTHING.

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