A Tenth Small Thing For You to Know

Be Strong. Be Thankful. Be Happy. Be Patient. Be Open-Minded. Be Understanding. Be Yourself. Be Conservative. Be An Alpha

Another Small Thing for You to Know:

Be Unafraid

Your mom has spent too many years of her life being afraid. Afraid of getting out of her comfort zone, afraid of things she can’t change, afraid of the world in general.

As a child, I was terrified of thunderstorms and being away from my family. My teenage years brought on social fears, and my young adult years led to fears of things I couldn’t control, such as the thoughts of death, impending wars, and societal flaws in general.

Listen to me when I say this because I truly mean it, THERE IS NO NEED TO BE AFRAID.

Here is the thing: things happen or do not for a reason. Things fall into place. A fear of life and the things within it only prevents you from living it to the fullest, and I never want you to hold back or be afraid to do anything you want to do, Madison.

So be brave and live life unafraid, my love.

Be brave and be fearless, and for God’s sake, stand up for yourself.
-Gretchen Carlson

PostScript for Week 33.5:

We just had our ‘week 34’ appointment, and you are doing great baby girl! We are getting seriously antsy to meet you! Daddy and I have a birthing class tomorrow so we will be fully prepared for your arrival. ❤ Check out all the growing you have been doing!53097283_10157331563314066_449786009077415936_n

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