A Ninth Small Thing for You to Know

Be Strong. Be Thankful. Be Happy. Be Patient. Be Open-Minded. Be Understanding. Be Yourself. Be Conservative.

Another Small Thing for You to Know:

Be An Alpha.

After a bit of research, I have discovered that you, my dear, are going to be an alpha, generationally.

Gen Alphas are also expected to be the longest-living generation as well as the wealthiest, according to accounting firm Grant Thornton. Born since the year 2010 (and until the year 2025), generation Alpha are the children of millennials.

I told your dad this and he said ‘well that fits perfectly because she will be an alpha’. I must say I completely agree. We are going to set you up with everything you need to be an alpha, a leader, a game changer. The dictionary defines an alpha as a socially dominant form, especially in a group of animals, and that’s what we are going to set you up to be!

Speaking of animals, this year is also the year of the Pig, and here is what I found out about that little tidbit of Chinese folklore:

The child born under the Pig Year is lucky, courageous, joyful, undemanding, nice, patient, resilient, a skillful organizer and has the ability to get under everyone’s skin with ease. The Pig child is gallant, old fashion and obeys the good manners code. The parent-child relationship is pleasant, with no significant turns of events. Since childhood, the Pig natives are inclined towards domains that develop their intelligence, they always want to know, to read and they have great chances to become genuine intellectuals when they grow up. Achieving small things is not their goal.

They will always aim as high as possible and most of the time they will succeed in their plans.

The last thing I looked up was your zodiac sign, which is Taurus. I will save you all from the boring ins and outs of this sign, but I will mention the ‘weaknesses’ listed: Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising…bring it on, girl!

PostScript for Week 30:

We still haven’t seen you on ultrasound in awhile, though your mom did have a meltdown and ask for one this week, as you started kicking me in an odd and painful way. I think you flipped yourself around that day, but now you are back to your normal spot. Mommy is getting HUGE and EXCITED. Only 10 more weeks, my love!

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