A Seventh Small Thing for You to Know

Bear with me guys, there are going to be 14 total. It needs a catchier name, I’ll admit.

Be Strong. Be Thankful. Be Happy. Be Patient. Be Open-Minded. Be Understanding.

Another Small Thing for You to Know:

Be Yourself.

Madison Grace, you already have such a personality to me, just by feeling your kicks and reactions to mom’s daily routine. I know everyone says this, but really, I can’t wait to meet you (you just kicked as I typed that, so hello!).

Your dad and I were talking last night about how we want you to be yourself throughout life, and not conform to what we, society, or anybody else wants you to be. We are going to raise you to be strong, to understand equality, and to give everything/everyone a fair shot (hence the past posts), but we want your own characteristics to shape how you feel and act throughout life.

It is going to be really easy sometimes to put what you feel aside and do what mom or dad says, or maybe believe what we believe, and same goes for your friends while you grow up. Just remember that there is no one else like you, and we always want you to express and remember this.

It sounds so simple, but if you just be yourself, you’re different than anyone else.

-Tony Bennett

PostScript for Week 24:

This morning your dad woke you up by rubbing my belly and saying ‘good morning baby’. You immediately kicked in response, and now he is under the impression that you are his baby already. We SERIOUSLY can’t wait to meet/hold/snuggle you, my little cantaloupe (that’s how big you are this week).

Momma didn’t get to see you with an ultrasound this month, but I will see you soon enough, my love.

I made this little graphic of your dad and I as babies to try and get an idea of what you are going to look like, and let’s face it, you are going to be stinkin’ adorable. Love you!!!

untitled design


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