‘An Attack like None our Precinct has Witnessed Before’. 

The headlines glared at him from across the counter.

Of course they hadn’t witnessed anything like this before, he had never done anything like this before. And here, in this small shithole town? Unheard of. But he liked it here, he always had.

He had to laugh a bit at the general sense of fear floating around the diner that morning. Everyone was just a bit on edge, just a little more jumpy than usual. He really liked that.

What he didn’t like, however, was the lack of gory detail covered in that article he was fixated on. They used words like ‘gruesome’ and ‘horrific’, but they didn’t explain what was so gruesome or horrific about it.

‘Let the people know what they are dealing with, show them what’s to come’, he thought.

Linda, the kind-eyed, meth sunken face that handed him his coffee every morning took a paper from the rack and started reading.

He watched closely for that concerned look to pop up on her face, the kind eyes to muddle with fear or curiosity, but was left unsatisfied as her demeanor never changed.

‘Pretty sick, huh?’, he said to her as she put the paper back and reached over to refill his coffee cup.

‘Eh, same shit different day. There are psychos everywhere in the world, our little town just finally got one to come to play here’. She half smiled when she said this. He didn’t like that at all.

In less than a second he decided she would be next. He wanted her to break, and he wanted to be the one to break her.

It wasn’t a sex thing, no, he was certainly not attracted to Linda, nor was he attracted to any of his victims. Except his very first, but that was years ago and he was much more mature, more restrained now.

No, it was more about control. He hated not being able to predict reactions or instill certain emotions, such as fear, into those around him.

As she bent down to pick up a stray straw wrapper from the floor he noticed a slight pang in her back that she grabbed on her way down.

‘Oh, Linda, we are going to have so much fun together’, he thought.

-D.R Breshears

Stay tuned for the next installment next week, ‘Linda’.

She was surprisingly beautiful when she was stripped of her normal painted mask and waitress uniform. It’s odd how different someone looks when they are desperate and naked. You see what they really look like, without all the extras.

Linda was certainly a looker when she was scared. She had this sparkle in her eye, this unknown charm in the midst of it all.

As I gathered my tools I told her this, of course, to no particularly positive response.

She half grunted, half cried in response, which was pretty normal. He wished that he could find one that gave a bit more of a fight, that really kept his interest through it all.



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