Mental Health Monday

Do you ever have one of those days where your brain simply won’t stop planning, creating, and moving forward beyond your own means?

I know that probably doesn’t sound like a problem to have for a person who needs to be in their head for their job and hobbies, but sometimes it is too much, sometimes I just want to shut my brain off for a bit and stop going forward.

Today I have been beyond productive at work, I have made approximately 6 different lists regarding things to buy for the baby, things to do today, things to do this week, my budget, and a list of places my name appear online so I can clean up my digital footprint. Oh, and a list of things to buy for my loved ones for Christmas.

I have posted on every social media outlet for work and for myself personally (if you are curious, that is 3 different Pinterest accounts, 3 different Twitter accounts, 2 different Facebook accounts, a LinkedIn, and an Instagram), and I have applied to 3 side gigs. And now I’m writing a blog, of course. Side note: WHO NEEDS THIS MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA.

Again, I know this all sounds great, but I’m not quite moving as fast as my brain is, if that makes sense.

What do you do to just shut off for a bit, outside of alcohol/drugs? I have given up all of my vices – alcohol, smoking, anxiety pills, coffee….the baby bump doesn’t need any of that.

an overworked brain and tired body


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  1. Re: shutting off for a bit, As a Christian, I read my Bible and pray. It’s amazing how focus on Almighty God corrects my perspective. But aside from that, a walk, even in the city, does wonders. Grace and Peace.

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