What Happens When the Stars Go Out

Taking a minor creative break in my day led me to my favorite time-wasting site, CreepyPasta, which instead of leading me to my usual fix of b rated horror, has led me to one of the most powerful pieces I have read in a while!! It’s about a 15-minute read, and worth every time-wasting minute!!

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Stars are just fusion factories held together by their own gravity. They start off fusing hydrogen to helium, and then they keep going on and on, fusing heavier and heavier elements until they’re fusing the heaviest stuff. Then they exhaust their fuel and collapse under their own weight, and they blow off their outer layers and pretty much shower the galaxy with all these random elements, some of which are eventually used to create life.”

CREDIT: Jesse Clark




4 Comments Add yours

  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for sharing, what an interesting way to look at stars. Would you reccomend me checking out that website?

    1. dbreshears91 says:

      Absolutely! I always go for the top rated stories listed at the bottom of the pages, but there is gold there among all of them!

  2. I love the stars, and well, just the sky in general. But I really like this idea. It’s truly an interesting way to look at the stars in the night sky.

    1. dbreshears91 says:

      It is, the story is AMAZING

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