Remember how I was just complaining maybe a week about being too connected online? Well, I added one more connection for the 4 I deleted, and now D.R Breshears is on Tumblr. I’m giving it a trial month to see if it helps/if I make any connections.

Feel free to follow me if you like to tumble!!!

DRBreshears Tumblr


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  1. From what I’ve seen, a Tumblr is the combo of a reshare platform and a personal journal. Networking is tricksy and it’s easy to live in a small island with minimal visibility.

    I probably should post more, comment and follow more.

    But, I did find the ‘queue’ option neat for reblogging stuff without flooding my personal feed pretty nifty. And I like being where fb finds original stuff to reshare. Where things are being created and not just passed around.

    1. dbreshears91 says:

      I do like the queue option as well! I’m going to give it a shot and go check yours out!

  2. i made an account today i’ll follow you!

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