Always On

Okay, this is a question that has been weighing on me heavily this past year, and while I know there is no right or wrong answer, I would LOVE to hear your opinions.

Seriously, you should tell me how you feel about this. Or if you feel anything about it at all.

Do you think in today’s web-centric society it is a good or bad thing to have your name out there, splattered all across the web?

For instance, in trying to gain a name in both freelancing/writing and photography I put my name on EVERYTHING.

I have my blog, my photo store site, my profile site, my linked in, contently, twitter, FB, Instagram, email, nat geo/various online profiles, PLUS all my actually work/companies have exactly the same amount…long story short, I have the most information out of anyone I know put out on the web.

Should I cut it down to 3 essentials, or keep it flowing?

How important is personal privacy across the web to you today? Do you feel you can control the amount of info about yourself out there to begin with?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I’d say it’s too late for any privacy. Once the info is online, it’s near impossible to remove it. But I’ve cut back on the time and number of online outlets. Currently, I’m on WordPress, Facebook and Instagram.

    1. dbreshears91 says:

      I would actually love to get down to those 3 platforms, plus my linked in!

      I probably feel more overwhelmed with it all due to promoting my actual in office job as PR manager, needing to log into FB, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linked In every day.

      1. I understand. I used to do online marketing too. Good luck trimming your online time.

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