Dear S – Pt. 2

Read Dear – S – Pt. 1 first!

I had started cooking dinner when I  heard a bit of a scraping against my kitchen table and turned around sharply. I saw, for the first time in my entire life, what looked like a… well, you remember how I described it then right? It was a sort of image, a digitized version of what looked to be a teenage boy, though he was dressed in a type of clothing I had never seen before. It was an older look, the image, nothing like a hologram. It’s so hard to explain even to this day what exactly that thing was.

He looked up from the table he was scratching his nails across and simply said ‘we’ve found her’. He didn’t smile, he didn’t look threatening, he just simply stated it and began scratching is nails again. His image was rapidly blinking in and out, and eventually, it just stayed faded out.

I called you to come over afterward, I explained it, you laughed, we smoked some pot and you calmed me down.

That was 22 days ago.

I know you won’t talk to me in person right now, but I really hope you know how much it meant to me that you came over that night, and I don’t want to leave without letting you know how much you meant to me at that moment.

Anyway, the day after that I woke up in a bit of a frenzy. You had left well before midnight, and I had fallen asleep on the couch in the main room. When I first opened my eyes I saw the same boy from the night before, only right above me. Again, it is so hard to explain, because he wasn’t floating like it may sound, he wasn’t anything at all, he was just….there.

He pointed upward without making eye contact with me and said again, very simply, ‘we’ve found her’.

I was convinced I had a high fever. It didn’t feel like it to me, but I went to the doctor just in case. No fever, no inner ear issues, nothing was found wrong with me after an extra attentive 1-hour checkup. I mean, I hadn’t even been that healthy in the past 5 years!

I was a bit more on edge coming home that night. I was afraid the boy would make an appearance while I was driving, and that I would wreck. I was afraid that once I unlocked the door at home my roommate wouldn’t be there that he would be instead, waiting to greet me like a hungry alley cat.

So I called you.

That was the first time you told me I was losing it. And you meant it, I could tell.

Sleeping was hard that week, though overall I still didn’t know why. I didn’t know if I was crazy, if I was in danger, or if I was just…tired.

A couple days passed with no otherworldly events, so I began to relax and go about things normally again without considering a surprise pop-in visitor.

18 days ago, however, things got much, much worse.

While on my way to work that morning, of course, you’ll remember that morning well, I got into an accident. . .

Stay tuned for more next week!

-D.R Breshears



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