Dead and Gone: Pt. 2

Missed the first one? Read it here.

She knew death wouldn’t come tonight.

She willed her eyes open. Of course, he was there.

Upon seeing the look on his face, the twisted satisfaction wrapped up in his soft smile, she made the decision to stop feeling sorry for herself, to stop wishing for and accepting death.

She wanted him to suffer.

‘I see you’re awake. Did you sleep well?’ 

He talked to her like he would his own children. It was soft and sweet and curious, his tone was inviting.

He made himself comfortable on the stool in front of her, so comfortable he unbuttoned his pants and spread his legs out wide.

This part she could handle. This part made her feel alive, as morbid as that was.

He waited patiently for her answer, and after a 1-minute silence stand-off, his sugar-coated persona melted away.

‘I said, did you sleep well, you bitch’.

She wasn’t rattled.

Her arms were chaffed and raw from the chains above her, holding her in place. Her legs dangled freely, and the chill in the damp room caused waves of goosebumps everywhere on her body. Her body was completely exposed, and as she glanced down at herself to avoid his stare she realized she had started her period, the blood slowly running down her thigh.

He noticed it at the same time, and his face turned to stone.

He got up quickly and started the machine.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

She fought the fear creeping up on her, she willed her face to stay stoic.

When he came back into the room his pants were off. He walked slowly to the back of her. ‘You know the deal, you try to run, you get the machine’. 

He unfastened the chains above, sending her in a heavy heap to the floor. She couldn’t run even if she wanted to, her legs were numb and useless.

Over the next few moments, she went somewhere else. She put herself back at home, sitting at the breakfast table with her son. His smile melted her heart even in her memories. She was going to make it back to him, she knew she was.

When he was finished she heard a hard scoff and turned her head back toward him. He was looking disgusted, cleaning up the bloody mess he had made.

‘You slut, you dirty little slut’. 

She laughed, softly at first, then uncontrollably. The more she laughed, the more her breasts heaved heavily, the madder he got.

‘It’s time you learned your lesson, it’s time we finished this.’ 


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