All She Sees

“Everything will be dust. Her love. Her body. Her dress. Just dust”

S. K. Nicholas


Sat outside a little café off the beaten track, she’s reading an article on her phone about the sun. They say in ten billion years or so it’ll die a great death by becoming what’s known as a planetary nebula, and after expanding in size and destroying all of Earth and everything in between, all that will be left is a glowing ring of interstellar gas and dust. Looking up from her phone, she brings her hand to her chest and feels her heart palpitating. The thought of everything being gone leaves her cold, and for a second, she struggles to catch her breath and thinks she’s gonna have a panic attack. Swallowing mouthfuls of dry air, she wipes her forehead with the back of her hand and drinks some water from her bottle. Those sat at the other tables don’t notice her situation, but she’s sure they do, and…

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