It’s Mental Health Monday, Morty!!!

Guess what? This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and today is Mental Health Monday, so we have some serious issues we need to work out today, and we’re doing it Rick and Morty style.

There are two major things I think need to be changed within the course of discussion regarding mental health today; 1). Every young person has depression. 2). It’s all in your head. (That last one is a pretty loaded statement).

1). Every young person has depression:


It seems the more time wears on and the more our younger generation is stepping out and speaking up, the more depression is at the forefront of current day issues.

From young tweens to mid-twentysomethings, depression is the new fashion, the new fragrance, the new ‘thing’. Well, this may seem to be true, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. Remember that old saying ‘assuming makes an ass out of u and me?’

Not every young person in the world today has depression, has claimed to have depression, or will have depression. Before we make this a ‘cry wolf’ scenario, we should all take a step back and focus on the young ones who are speaking out and saying they have an issue, rather than as assuming every millennial we see is taking meds and asking for safe spots.


2). It’s all in your head: NO SHIT. 

When someone says, ‘Oh honey, it’s all in your head’, I need you to do me a favor:

Look them right in the eyes, hold the sides of their face so they know you are serious, and as genuinely as you can, softly whisper in their ear ‘ I KNOW IT IS, THAT’S THE PROBLEM BARBARA!!!’.

All jokes aside, telling folks with depression that it is all in their head is the most redundant, least helpful, oddest thing to do.

Take a look at the Morty’s below. They all very damn well know it’s all in their head, and you reminding them won’t ‘cure the sadness’. Mental health issues ARE all in your head, but that doesn’t make them any less serious, or any less real.

imagesVlcsnap-2015-01-31-04h27m25s140downloaddownload (1)Morty_SmithMortyTransparent

Below are some news tidbits of depression rates among young people.

Pay close attention to how the titles are worded: ‘Depression diagnosis is up 33% in the US, and that’s a good thing’. (Due to them seeking help).

What do you think? Good thing? Bad thing? What about the two changes in discussion needed mentioned before? Let’s talk!

OH and one more thing, what do you think about the rampant spread of depression meds throughout the world for people under 20? This thought kind of plays along with the ‘and that’s a good thing’ point made above. Is it overall a good thing we are medicating our mentally sick young ones, or is it an unhealthy medication addiction to start at such a young age?




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