Today’s Toxicity

What is one thing that we all have in common?

We are all involved in the interwebs, deeply.

Blogging, Facebooking, Linking In, Tweeting, Instagramming…we all do at least one of these (bloggers, am I right?), and we all check them daily, if not more.

It seems like common sense that this is an issue, right? That we are all so wrapped up in our screens that we are forgetting to live?

Today I read an article about how much information is stored up in ‘the cloud’ by simply searching on Google, logging into Facebook on your phone, and sending documents through any email provider. Of course, this also may be common sense to you, but have you really thought about how extensively your life is being watched, followed, and commercialized? How about that ad on the side of your screen right now, I bet you searched, posted, or texted about it recently, didn’t you?

About a week ago I read another magazine article that discussed travel, particularly student/youth travel, and how it has changed since the widespread use of smartphones. Many, if not all, travelers can be seen taking selfies, finding the perfect Instagram shot, posting their location on social media, or simply scrolling a newsfeed and see what everyone else is doing everywhere else but where you are. This is absurd to me.

I’m definitely not saying that I don’t also take selfies and share my travels while abroad, but I certainly don’t walk around with my head stuck in my phone the whole time.

Being so connected has made us so much more unconnected to the real world. Instead of exploring, we look up the best eateries and attractions on our phones. Instead of meeting locals and immersing ourselves in the culture we brag online about where we are and what we are doing. Even on the beach, or in fine art museums, or at theme parks on roller coasters you will see people typing away, staring at their screens. Again, this is absurd to me.

Here’s the dilemma: Since we are so connected, and since it is such a norm today, how can you function on a professional level without being spread across the internet?

How can you share your words, your photos, your travel advice, hell, even work at a web-based company, without staring at screens all day?

Better question: Should we?



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  1. Tony Burgess says:

    There’s a connection but little information being shared.

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