Mental Health Monday – Matrimony

Here are my thoughts on this Matrimony themed Mental Health Monday:

1). Holy fuck I’m getting married in 26 days. (yes, yes, you all know this, but…married. 26 days. Lock and key.) ((Also I need to stop cussing like a sailor, very unladylike of a future wifey).

2). I wish I enjoyed this whole planning and prepping process more. Aka I wish I was rich or my parents were rich to help us out, weddings are too commercialized, as is everything else you should be celebrating nowadays. We will no doubt LOVE to say we did it all on our own, but we will also say that money shortage in any situation is no doubt unbelievably stressful.

3). Stress eating, stress drinking, and no warm weather or sunshine to shed this winter weight SUCKS. So does even thinking you need to for a single day event, obviously, your fiance already thinks you’re attractive, you shouldn’t care what the guests think or photos show. Also, love is blind, right?

4). Why should wedding planning take up a whole year of your life? Brides to be, go get married at the courthouse or on the beach. Invite your parents, say I do, kiss, and start your life together. Enjoy the process, don’t make it what everyone else wants it to be.

5). I have thought about it a lot, and nothing should really change when you get married, so truly this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? I mean, if you have already shared a home with the person, are already in love with them, and already plan on spending forever with them, what difference does a sheet of paper making it ‘legal’ do? Well, financially it does a lot I suppose, but it doesn’t change the feelings you already had.

6). I don’t have a 6, that was pretty well all that is on my mind. Which is a little sad, isn’t it? I mean I guess I do have other things on my mind regarding feminism and the role of marriage in a deeper sense, but that is a whole other can of worms to discuss later. The one thing I will say, though, is that I think women today have forgotten how equal we truly are, and how continuing to point out the desire for more rights than men have made us all the more unequal. There is no need to overcompensate for historical wrongdoings and put another human down to get there. That probably doesn’t sit well with some of you, but that’s how I feel.

Now that that is all off my chest, I’m off to write about food tours in Chicago for work! 

Have a wonderful Monday, friends, and if there is any wedding day or marriage advice to be given, please give it! 



One Comment Add yours

  1. sneezypb says:

    My wife cusses like a sailor. It will be okay.

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