Tuesday Tidbit: Love, Loss, and Other Little Lines

Will I ever stop sharing these poems? Probably not. Happy #WorldPoetryDay!!



It completely slipped my mind that as a junior in college (I just did the math and I CANNOT believe this was 5 years ago) I was falling in love with my fiance at the same time I was taking an advanced poetry course. You do the math on all the gold I wrote and didn’t publish that year.

We had a final project of 10-15 poems under a specific theme, and as you can guess, my theme was ‘Love, Loss, and Other Little Lines’.

I am going to publish the first half today, the next half next Tuesday! I do believe the first half are more loving than the last, so it’s perfect for ValentinesDay/TacoTuesday/SinglesAwarenessDay/IhopemyfiancebuysmeflowersDay.

PS, Does a favorite stand out to you amongst these?

Love, Loss, and Other Little Lines

Danielle Breshears

Fear and Loathing

I never made it to Vegas
but the trip was…

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