Why’s and Woes of Today

Quotes and Thoughts from a writer who thinks too highly of herself.

Part 1. The Why’s of Today

Why do I want to be a writer?

I want to make an impact. I want to show someone something new, make them feel welcome, make them feel anything.

I want to make a serious difference in a new reader’s life, as well as in an experienced one.

I want to create an utterly new feeling of belonging and magic as JK did, I want to create a sense of intelligence and unity as Walt Whitman did, hell, I want to create a sense of faith as the Bible did.

Yes, I want to be a writer, but more than that I want to be a creator.

Writers dream of taking up space on your bookshelves, but our bookshelves have evolved into blog posts, and the dream is gone when you can be taken anywhere.

Writing is much like life: you do things that you are passionate about and hope that in the end, there is fruition from your efforts.

Part 2. The Woes of Today

Today I am trying to be at one with the world and not ‘let the universe know I need to micromanage my life’ as Lissa Rankin says, by not letting fear of death and anxiety over life situations rule my mind and headspace, and all I can think about is how the universe is getting a laugh at me being in tune with her ‘big joke’.

I can also only think of witty and dark ‘self-help’ quotes and words of wisdom, so here goes.

  • Laugh more, this shit is all pretty funny.

  • Drink lots of coffee and travel often. You will feel awake and adventurous.

  • If you feel depressed, at least you are feeling.

  • When you think it is all too much, it probably is, you should probably go outside and relax.

  • If you made it out of bed today, high five!

  • You’re on borrowed time, so get off your ass and use it.


-D.R Breshears


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