A Spark.

A little spark of passion has been ignited in me today, thanks to a much-respected fellow blogger, so I’m taking a work siesta to light it up.

(Is it wrong to fall in love with another taken lovers words?)

The screens lit up that night.

I was lying in bed filled with love and regret, right next to you.

‘You’re beautiful, you know’.

The screen burned brightly in our faces. You stiffened, your heart rate quickened.

I thought about the pure pleasure, the months of temptation, all given away the day before.

God, it was so satisfying to give in, to let him touch me.

Goosebumps prickled up on my legs, my thighs, my belly, just like he did when I said I was going to stay.

As soon as those words left my mouth, he filled the spot.

I thought about you, about love, and about sex.

I thought about how it tasted, leaving his house that night, thinking of you on the bitter walk home. Acidic and sour. Even the summer nights air felt stuffy, almost tangible. I knew you felt it too.

You tasted so much better though. You tasted like a sweet forever. But who deserves a sweet forever when it leaves their mind so quickly in a sweeter situation.

The screen went black again.

You left me that night. You left my bed, you left my house, you left me.

So did he, he used me, and he left me.



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