My Story: Updated and Upgraded 


2013 5

I’m just a nature-loving, self-proclaimed philosophizing, writing, travelling, rock n’ rolling, fun-loving 21 year old extraordinaire. As an English major at Truman State University, it goes without saying that I love writing. I love writing anything, really, but mostly creative prose. I work[ed] for the university newspaper The Index and a Midwest travel guide Detours as well. I also like to dabble in scenic photography when the mood (or right light) strikes.

Update: 20161507715_10152384904439066_868849347311142405_n

24-year-old Danielle still loves writing, traveling (did you see I dropped an l in traveling? I’ve learned you that can do that now, because English makes no sense mostly, that’s what my degree taught me), and rock and rolling just as much, perhaps just with much more coffee added into the mix. I graduated last year and currently work for Adventure Student Travel as the lead writer and occasional freelancer for Missouri Life Magazine’s Dining Worth the Drive section.

Currently, I am deeply involved in the ideas and outlines of two amazing novels, as well. I am using this blog as a creative outlet and sort of ‘linked in’ with fellow writers and photographers, so feel free to connect and start a conversation!

Update Update: 2018banaynays

26-year-old Danielle will always love writing, traveling, and rock and rolling, and she may be the most involved in each as she ever has been. I have been working for Adventure Student Travel for 2.5 years now, loving every moment of advancing in my career. Not only have I had the pleasure of traveling to Riviera Maya, Cancun, Albuquerque, Orlando, and Chicago with them, but I also will be attending a travel blogger conference (TBEX) in NY this fall. I spent my last year freelancing for Missouri Life as well, though I am trying to shift my focus to bigger fish (Nat Geo).

My free time is spent wandering around in my head, enjoying the outdoors with my camera, and most recently, planning a wedding with the man of my dreams. (2 more months, April 21st).

Any questions? Bring em’ on!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bumba says:

    Very nice update on your story. Good luck. A word of advice, tho: Don’t talk about your job on the blog.

  2. dbreshears91 says:

    Too personal? I find it hard to draw a line with sharing these details when I am trying to put myself out there as a writer because I feel people really have to understand where/how you write. But then again, that is perhaps too personal to blast around.

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