I genuinely cannot decide whether my cracked windshield makes for brilliant photos or really annoying photos. I need to start braving the frigid weather for these photos instead of staying inside my car!

Interesting shots though, whether you like the outlook or the crack in the middle makes you want to pull your hair out.



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  1. It’s different than from we usually see, so it’s a brilliant photo 🙂 Love the black and white, those make the best photos 🙂
    Could you check out my latest post?

  2. I think in the right photo that crack could be really effective. In the shot you’ve shown it doesn’t seem to do anything and the viewer’s mind is more likely to work out it shouldn’t be there. However if the crack was higher in the shot and completely in the sky the viewer might actually think it’s something flying in the sky.

  3. Day's Lee says:

    The crack is like the curved line in Yin and Yang. It helps create balance.

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