Hey hey, writer friends!

Do you do any freelance work? Do you have any good platform suggestions? I’ve tried Upwork and Fivrr and neither have really panned out with a legit job.

This past year I have been freelancing for a local magazine (Missouri Life), but they are slowing down recently.

Help a sista out!

Here’s my Fivrr profile, by the way, with samples of what I can do!

PS. I’m pretty good with graphic design too! (The first photo is a magazine cover I DID NOT design, it was my first cover story though)



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  1. I’ve been a freelancer for 25 years, started doing CD/DVD/Cassette covers back in the 90’s along with websites. I worked at it for the first 10 years but then other jobs where someone else paid me and I didn’t have to look for the next job were more interesting. I still do it if someone asks but I don’t actively seek work. I’ve used a few local freelancer sites but don’t like them because most people on those sites want the a million dollar job on a five dollar budget.

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