Like Vicodin

Percocet never did it. It made them too talkative.

The Xanax was nice, but it wore off too quickly.

Oxy’s were expensive.

The pinks and the yellows, those were for the pros, not for us.

Darvon, Demerol, Dilaudid….done ’em all. Each made them sick.

Heroin was never their style.

But Vicodin….now that’s the feeling they had.

Touching him was like Vicodin.

Looking at her was like Vicodin.

It was fuzzy and warm and relaxing and unsettling.

It was technically wrong.

Vicodin blurred the lines and sharpened the vision.

When he grabbed her hand, another pill was swallowed.

When she pulled him closer, his dosage went up.

It was just like Vicodin.

-D.R Breshears



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