Mental Health Monday – It’s Back

Remember when I used to post nonsensical blathering rants about my mental state each Monday? Well, it’s back!!!

29th of January, 2018. Age 26. Outlook Mixed. Goals Big. Will Weak. Passion Fierce.

Here are a few thoughts I’ve had the past couple months, a line on every aspect of my mind here recently, and the corresponding importance or unimportance of it all.

Being Busy
The importance of keeping your mind occupied. 

Being Content
The importance of feeling okay with oneself and one’s environment.

Being Very Not Okay
The importance of being able to combat crippling and sudden depression. 

Being in Love
The importance of filling your heart to its very brim while living. 

Being Without Meaning
The unimportance of it all.

Being Bleak
The unimportance of caring about the unimportance of it all.

Being Ambitious
The importance of having and reaching goals throughout life.

Being Overly Ambitious
The importance of not aiming so high that you lose hope in accomplishing your dreams.

Being so Ambitious that You Actually Lose Hope
The importance of rereading and digesting the point above.

Being Explosive
The importance of control over rampant thoughts, behaviors, and words.

Being Bipolar
The importance of being aware of cyclical behaviors in oneself.

Being Overwhelmed
The importance of handling most things, mostly well. 

Back to Cycles: All of this too, shall pass, as will life itself.
The importance and unimportance of this is everything.



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