The Cycle of Life

I believe that life is nothing but cyclical.
Life is up, life is down, life is good, life is evil. Life is unfair and life is perfectly just. Life is everything and nothing all at once.
Perhaps it isn’t this way for others, perhaps I am too focused on cyclical patterns in my own life.
Either way, I feel an immense sorrow for those who have passed, for my grandmothers and grandfathers, for my uncle, for my friends who may be experiencing nothing, the absolute end of a cycle.
To not feel this extravagant thing called life seems the bleakest thought of all to run through my brain, the organ mostly unused, mostly untapped, just like our solar system.
I hope/pray/desire that if there is no heaven to look down on those you love the most that there is a chance to come back and experience the cycle again, with the faint memories of who we once were, the cycles we once went through.

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