Mental Health Monday: A Poem a Day

As I put the visor down this morning to block the abnormally bright sun obstructing my vision on the long trek to work I heard something insightful on my normal AM talk radio show….’a study of the happiest people shows a recurring habit of listening to one new music genre or reading one new poem daily’.

Outside of basic mental wellness on an anxiety and depression level, I think that creativity and broadening one’s horizons is also a highly important aspect of mental health.

For today’s Mental Health Monday post I’m going to share the ‘poem of the day’ from, the selection actually very good, for someone who personally isn’t too terribly into poetry overall.

Andrew Jamison – The Reading

Here’s my favorite line…

Reading when you’re not reading: reading the sky
on a Sunday at half-seven in August
when someone you love is making you dinner
and you’re late.’ –ANDREW JAMISON

-D.R Breshears


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