Tuesday Tidbit: Salvation

Happy Flash Fiction day, friends!

This is an unfinished piece I just wanted to get out in my blog stream for today and out of my head. I do not know where it is going or why it is going there but it felt urgent as an idea. I always love watching other writers process of creation, so over the next few Tuesdays I will be adding to and editing this piece, stay tuned if it peaked your interest!


-D.R Breshears

He spoke of religion as if it were the only way to salvation.

That clearly was not the case, not anymore.

That’s what I set out to teach him the day I strolled in the bright, dental-lab-white chapel, presenting for all my just-for-decoration-rosary and a scent of general disbelief.

“We have to entertain the possibility of salvation as a widespread overwhelming belief in humanity and purpose in general, not of a single source of life and death.” I sat the book down in front of him as I spoke, my hands not shaking as they were before during the sermon.

He smirked in a way that made me feel stupid and unbelievably irritated.

“If you happen to think you are going to come back into my life and try to teach me about your God then you have another thing coming”, he snarled with a smile.

I remembered when we were together in that moment, staring at his twisted mouth movements and agitated eye twitches. We were young and stupid, even more stupid than we both appeared to be today. We loved the idea of reincarnation and karmic cycles of life at the time, ideas that seem so beautiful and simple today.

We were never in love with each other, we were only in love with our ideas and beliefs as a couple.

“I truly believe that salvation is about a broad spectrum of faiths across the world coming together in a belief of a higher power. I don’t believe that it has to be broken up into certain denominations. This could be something I’m completely wrong about and fully expect to pay for when judgment comes, if judgment comes,” I said as I stared past his blank expression and wondered why I was bothering myself with my former lover’s future salvation.

“It will, and you will” was his reply as he inched the book back toward me.


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