Mental Health Monday: Selfishness and Emotional Cop-Outs

Today I want to talk about emotional selfishness.

This is something I am such a brat about, so much so that I sometimes feel like a 10-year-old stuck in a 25-year-olds body.

I am constantly worried about how I am doing, mental health wise, and how I am feeling and why I am feeling that way and why I cannot be positive and function normally day to day.

While being aware of personal mental issues is, of course, important, it is not so important that it should be all-consuming in your life.

Getting out of your own head and heart for a change and paying attention to those around you, to those you are closest to and their problems, is extremely healthy and let’s face it, extremely normal human behavior.

I have dug such a big hole around myself and had so many emotional cop-outs recently that I have lost my fiance emotionally for the time being, as well as my close family and friends.

Patience runs deep in those around me, and for that, I am extremely thankful.



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  1. Great thoughts. We find truth in getting out of our own heads and looking to help others and in return we realize our head ain’t so bad after all.

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