Let’s Get to Know Each Other: Pt 2

A throwback to my personal intro into the blogging world, only with some updated (much updated) changes. Let’s Get to Know Each Other, 2017 edition.

My name is Danielle, author D.R Breshears, and I am the woman behind all the photography and flash fiction madness! Here’s a little bit about me. [Still true.]

1). I graduated last 2 May’s ago from Truman State University with an English Creative Writing Major and a Geography and Agriculture double minor. I’m so thankful for such a great University opportunity in my lifetime, especially coming from a very poor family and being a first generation college student. [Still very grateful for the opportunity, not so much grateful for the amount of debt compared to the amount of money I am making now. I mean seriously, my brother barely finished high school and he makes $1 more than me right now. Not that he isn’t highly accomplished still, and not that money is everything, but it is]

2). I drink a lot of coffee, and I smoke my fair share of cigarettes (hey I am a writer remember). My heart, in return, hates me and provides me with a lot of palpitations and a fib murmurs. [Well, yeah, still true.]17757333_10155225922619066_8080105434511243039_n

3). I have what the doctors consider extreme anxiety disorder, depression, and borderline bipolar disorder. Yeesh right, mental shit show! I am currently seeing a life coach about it all, and am working to stay super positive daily. [To be honest, I never went through with seeing that life coach. However, I am seeing a therapist, taking bipolar meds, and in general doing a lot better over the last couple months, mental health wise. Many of you have been following that journey with my Mental Health Monday posts.]

4). I have never taken an official photography course, but I absolutely love everything about it. I love the rule of three, I love landscape photography, I love walking around my town with my camera in tow waiting for something beautiful to catch my eye. [This will always be true, though now I walk around my rental farmhouse property instead of walking around town. I also think our idea of beauty evolves as we ourselves evolve, so perhaps what was beautiful and catching my eye last year isn’t quite the same this year.]


5). I love anything wild or beautiful. Finding both together is my favorite thing. [Very much still true.]

6). I am a major family girl. Family comes first, and that’s just a fact. [Always]14368873_10154592055324066_1404328467535610240_n

7). I am currently trying to write about 4 different novels and publish a photography calendar and coffee table book. It’s not going so well so far, but someday I swear you will know my name. [Okay that last line even sort of creeped myself out, I’m not sure why I thought that was a normal thing to say. My goals have shifted away from these but are along the same lines. I am co-writing a possible novel with a friend of mine but am focusing mainly on my Flash Fiction Collection I intend to self-publish. I am freelancing for Missouri Life Magazine in my spare time, and still working diligently on my Adventure Student Travel work blogs and itineraries. I am a lot more dedicated to daily blogging here, as well. I basically just write and drink coffee anymore. I’m also working on a ‘Buds and Barns of Missouri’ nature calendar to match the seasons. Hooray overload of projects! I’m young though, right? I can handle it!]


8). I sell my photography online but am realizing nobody wants to buy something they can look at for free online. http://profreshionallysimply.weebly.com/ [Also a weirdly depressing thing to say, my online store needs to be purchased to actually allow others to make purchases, but it is still there and going live this summer for your buyin’ pleasure]. 

9). I am in love. Hard. [Hell yes. I cannot wait to marry my best friend.] ❤ ❤ ❤ bd

10). I work for an amazing student travel company in Kirksville called Adventure Student Travel. I work as one of two of their content writers, a social media coordinator, and a web design specialist. I absolutely love it. [Can I get another hell yes? I love my job immensely, I can’t believe how lucky I got combining travel and writing into one career. I am the only content writer as of right now, social media coordinator for two Twitter accounts, one Facebook, one Google +, and two Pinterest’s (and that’s not even counting my own personal accounts), and am learning more and more about web development and coding every day.]

11). I am trying to find my purpose on this crazy earth, as are you I’m sure, but all I can come up with so far is love, health, and happiness. And happiness for me is creating. So I create. [The depressing points keep on rolling, huh? This is ultimately still true, as it ultimately is for everyone, again, but now I think I am less desperate and depressed about it. Don’t get me wrong, I do have an overall negative outlook on our purpose and afterlife and such, but I’m not fixating on it daily. We cannot change what we cannot change, and most things in this category are out of our hands. I do believe that love is the most important thing to live for now, however.]20161227_112339_picmonkeyed3435_10151251307464066_196661615_n

12). I’ve lost somewhere between 90 and 100 pounds since high school, it has been a huge confidence and physical body adjustment the past 4 years. [Yeahhhh!]

13). I love to travel. My boyfriend doesn’t. We are kind of dealing with this before we decide to have kids. [Update: I took him to Tennessee with my family last August and Mexico with my company last December. He is totally okay with traveling now, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his work. He is absolutely in love with Riviera Maya, and so am I. Honeymoon season can’t get here fast enough!] 


And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I’m kind of a sassy little firecracker with tons of projects, tons of goals, and a never-quitting mind. [Still sassy, still crackin’ fire!]

Nice to meet you. *Virtual Hand Shake*


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