Tuesday Tidbit: Bullshit

Time for another Tuesday Tidbit!

This week: Bullshit

I am working with smaller flash fiction pieces, some would say the flashiest flash fiction.  Today’s word count? 100 words.

Do you have a perfectly on point 100-word flash fiction piece? Comment with yours!


The bullshit was spreading faster than the heavy lines of rain rushing down their windshield, the wipers not catching the stream before it was gone, her ears not catching the lies before they were gone.

If he was going to do this again the least he could do was slow down, let her enjoy the ride.

He’s done this before, though last time the bullshit was worse, there were no distractions to cover up the smell.  

Today it smells fine. It smells like petrichor. Her heart smelled like petrichor.

She decided to walk, to get out and enjoy the rain.

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