Wanderlust Everyday: Part 3

I simply can’t stress enough how much embracing wanderlust every day is beneficial for travelers and curious souls alike.

Today’s Wanderlust Everyday post is all about making the most of a trip, even if it isn’t the most positive reason to travel. By that I mean say for instance you had to travel across the country to attend a funeral (cough cough, this post) and you weren’t too happy, to begin with about the journey. I believe that you can turn any sort of trip like this into a positive one along the way, just be sure to stop, breathe, and see the sights every now and then.

These photos are from a trip I took two summers ago with my now fiance, his grandfather passing while hiking Mt Hood. We drove from Missouri to Twin Falls Idaho, stopping in Colorado and Wyoming along the way.

The next month will be dedicated to my 2016 travels on Wanderlust Wednesdays, with plenty of photos to help you travel right along with me.

Profreshionally Simple 

Note* These photos are from the beginning of my love affair with photography, so the quality isn’t quite up to par.

Part 3 – Idaho and Wyoming 11125979_849914898430523_7495973529653713651_o11071746_849891575099522_461349670123573628_n


Danielle Breshears Profreshionally Simple
Danielle Breshears

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