Mental Health Monday: Writing, Whiskey, and War

Writing, Whiskey, and War

(I’m pretty sure this will be my future memoir title: Writing, Whiskey, and War: the Danielle Breshears story).

I’d like to show my readers that Mental Health covers a lot more than just depression and disease, it also covers daily thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior.

That is exactly why today’s Mental  Health Monday is all about Writing, Whiskey, and War, a perfect summary of my daily habits, thoughts, and behaviors.



This is all I do recently, my behavior both in career and hobby.

Travel blogs, personal blogs, and magazine articles take up all my time, except when I shut off my brain at the end of the day with the below bullet point. Not only is it my behavioral aspect of mental health daily, but it is also emotional, deeply affecting my thought process and emotional status. Spending so much time in my own head allows me to see my thoughts, and in turn my emotions, in a much deeper way than I normally would.


This one is simple. I need to shut off my brain in the evening.

Also, I am a writer, so we are notorious alcoholics anyway.

My fiance is a big whiskey fan, and I am a drinker of anything besides tequila, so when he pours an evening nightcap I pleasantly partake.


War within and war without; the current status of my mental turmoil.

I am a worry wart. I worry about everything. And I truly mean that. I worry about how my coworkers think I made the pot of coffee in the morning, how people at grocery stores feel about my annoying ankle popping when I walk, about what my fiance thinks of my morning breath even after 5 years.

Particularly right now I worry the most about our impending war, the Trump administration’s recent decisions. No, this isn’t a political statement, it’s just my perception of the facts. I worry about the lives that will be lost and the effect it will leave on our world. I am, overall, worried.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Raegina says:

    Ah I miss whiskey – only 3 months to go and I can drink that sweet nectar again!

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