Mental Health Monday: Help is Helpful

Help is Helpful

The below graphic is a shot of my alma maters recent suicide rates. I was in complete shock after looking at this.

We have tragically experienced the third suicide at the same frat house since 2016 this past week, and our community is in turmoil about it.

Suicide is a growing issue across the world today, not just in our Missouri college atmosphere where pressure is high and help isn’t always given.

What I want to make a point of saying, however, is that help is almost always there waiting for you to take it.

The stigma of needing and getting help seems to be heavy today, many clinically depressed individuals not seeking help because they feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out.

Maybe, like myself, some think that help is for the extremely mentally ill, for those who are too far gone.

Well, it’s not.

I am not what I consider to be too far gone but I, like many others, struggle with depression and anxiety to a point to where I sometimes question my existence.


There is help for these thoughts, and you don’t have to keep thinking them and carrying that burden for too long. Go seek help, it is there for you, and the people that give it are not judgemental, they are not going to tell you that you are crazy, and they are not going to send you to a ‘looney bin’.

Help is helpful, remember that.



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