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It’s time for another Tuesday Tidbit!

Just a reminder for those of you who are just dropping by, Tuesdays are dedicated to Flash Fiction Tidbits and bits of stories and book ideas I am working on.

Today’s Tidbit Topic: Society and Women (excerpt from Wanting Every Guy, Getting Every Guy, and Not Needing Either: A Lady’s Guide to Not Giving a Shit). All Rights Reserved 

Thanks for reading! – D.R Breshears
All Rights Reserved

Phase 1: Wanting

Let me begin by saying I write exactly how I speak: too much, too quick, and too spontaneous.

This book will show you this all too well.

Let me also begin by saying I am not happy with what society has made women feel like today. Not what it has done to us, because quite frankly separating man and woman as far as existence just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and quite frankly we have been put on a pedestal and treated very well (here lately).

I’m especially not happy the accessibility of porn.

Woah, that’s a big jump from women in society to porn, isn’t it? No, not at all. Let me tell you why.

It’s Tuesday, my ride to work was pleasantly dreary, my coffee is pleasantly warm, and I’m pleasantly on my way to having a productive day. I type in the too long, when-else-would-I-ever-remember-this password and expect to see my SEO analytics for the day, but no, of course,  I log into a blonde doing a full split on a, well, you know what claiming we should be friends and ‘explore our future’.

I mean come on, what if I was a 12-year-old logging on to my Twitter?

The pure ease of being able to see not only porn but raunchy nothing’s off-limits porn is a scary sign of things to come for future generations of both men and women. It is especially a sign of a type of society we are creating for women to come, and I’m not enjoying the outlook. 


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  1. While I understand it’s easy to get porn I worry more about the people that keep ‘stumbling’ upon it. I’ve been around the net for 25 years and I have never ‘stumbled’ upon it.

    I don’t look at porn on the net but I do look an many topics often of an adult nature researching books and stories those topics will often influence the ads on facebook or Youtube but they are never pornographic even if they may lead to sites of that nature.

    In 25 years I’ve never run any software to stop the computers accessing such sites and I’ve never had the kids find such sites by accident. When it comes to kids obviously the answer is to watch what they do and educate them on what not to do. But when it comes to adults my experience and my knowledge of how the internet works, especially ads, tells me that it’s the surfing habit of said adult that influences the sites one ‘stumbles’ across in ads or links. If one understands how ads actually work on the net one can easily see a person does not need to specifically search porn to have an ad for an adult related site pop up.

    Viruses to porn sites are a different matter but still most of them have to be downloaded.

    1. dbreshears91 says:

      I do understand how the ads and certain searches work as well, but when it happens on a work company account clearly none of us are searching porn on our work computers, which makes it even more oddly accessible in my opinion.

      1. 25 years of corporate support I can tell you I’ve found more porn on company computers than personal computers the big difference is most people who do it on their own are open about it where as no one in an office does it.

        All it takes is one person on a network to search for something even close to adult related and every computer on the network could get ads related to.

        All it takes is one person you are ‘friends’ with on facebook to be into porn and it can influence your facebook ads.

        But despite all that I still have never opened up a browser, a program and especially not any of my SEO related programs and found porn. That is the sort of red flag that points towards a virus/bug not easy to access porn.

      2. dbreshears91 says:

        Our company Twitter page get’s several fake friend requests with photos included, like this instance. When I logged in it was our first notification, which I’m wondering if that isn’t it’s own problem with the system in general (porn/access), and not related to search or friend history. You seem to know quite a bit about this all, do you personally think it’s possible that it has nothing to do with the above explained, that it just happens too often and too easily via friend requests and spam from hacked friends accounts?

      3. The problem with ads and the like is that they are uncontrolled. I heard yesterday that a number of large companies in Aust are joining other world wide companies in boycotting Youtube because their ads are turning up on videos of bigotry etc. And while that is true it’s not the whole truth.

        Because of the ways targeted ads work (although often they don’t appear targeted given their topics) they have to work off computer cache and searching history etc. It’s not the only things it works on but it’s a big factor.

        In my experience excessive ads of an adult nature are related to someone on the network or sometone that uses the network to access social media type sites that have other links to those sites.

        Computers that have excessive pop ups or browsers diverting to porn sites are more often than not a bug/malware etc which not all protection software are good at removing, especially software that has commercial contracts with other companies that may make money for ad revenue.

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