Tuesday Tidbit: Author S

Happy Tuesday Tidbit Day! Tuesdays are dedicated to Flash Fiction on throughdanielleseyes, and today I have a couple pieces written with a blogging friend of mine, Author S. (Visit her blog here). 

We worked together on a simple back and forth exercise we like to call ’10 sentence stories’, because, well, they are each only 10 sentences each and written line by line.


-Author S and D.R Breshears

It was in that twilight moment, that moment right before the sun hits the line where the land meets the sky that he decided to leave his home, the place he thought he’d always feel comfortable.

For old times sake, he took one last stroll through his hometown, reveling in what he believed was the last time he’d even see it.

It was odd, the feeling he got when he looked at the abandoned storefronts of his childhood juxtaposed to the bustling influx of millennial entrepreneurs looking to make it big, to build a future.

The sun sank, giving way to the moonlight and stars to give him a map to his own path as he reached the outskirts of his past.

Thinking about the events of last three months seemed useless, so instead of turning back to stare at his beloved ex-home, he continued forward steadily.

On the highway, he thumbed for a car with no luck at the few that passed him, choosing instead to shoot him glares and wide-eyed stares.

As hard as he tried, he couldn’t stop from wondering if he was really doing the right thing if, a new start was really the way to go.

Still, it wasn’t as if he had a better option, trying to get away from the place he’d once called home because, in his heart, he knew better.

Unexpectedly a familiar 4-door Jeep Wrangler swerved to a stop a few feet in front of him, and immediately he knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought to leave.

The passenger door swung open, leaving him with no choice but to throw his pack on the floor, climb in, and swipe the whiskey bottle from the outstretched arm.

Together Forever
-Author S and D.R Breshears

If she looked down at her footing she was going to fall, she was certain of that.

She held her arms out, taking one step at a time, closing the gap between her and the other edge of the cliff.

If this is how he wanted to end things for good then she wasn’t going to stand in his way, she wasn’t going to let him do it alone, though, either.

She reached her arms forward with the last steps, grasping his shoulders as he stood at the mouth of the rickety bridge as it clung to the posts thrust into the edge of the cliff.

He jumped, startled as she steadied herself with his unwavering strength and she could see already in his eyes with one look that he wasn’t changing his mind, that he would be leaving her here.

He lifted her hands away, turning from her once she got both feet on solid ground.

He was clenching his fists as he muttered a quick ‘please stop following me’, the sound of his voice as pitiful as it was when she first found him.

“I’m your wife, I’d follow you to the ends of the Earth, and you should know that by now.”

His eyes searched hers as he painfully replied, “Yes, I know that, that’s what makes this so hard for me.”

He unsheathed a knife and arched it into her heart, shaking his head as she collapsed, “To attached for your own good.”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. hailangeliccreation says:

    Thank you so much for the shoutout! The titles tie everything together.
    -Author S

    1. I was hoping you’d like them!

      1. hailangeliccreation says:

        They work well!
        -Author S

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